Lawn Install

Our services are available for new lawns & existing lawns in need of repair. The steps below detail what can be included when we handle your lawn installations.

Preparation process before seeding
If top soil is not needed, any unwanted grass or weeds will be either removed or killed with use of an herbicide so they won’t reappear after seeding is completed.  The area will then be harley raked to remove any rocks from soil down to 2".  After the lawn is raked, it will be leveled, pitched properly and raked one last time to achieve proper firmness, necessary for optimal root growth.  The lawn is now ready for hydro-seeding or for sod.
'Harley Raking' is a method to prep the seed bed by power raking the area to remove rocks, level high / low areas, loosen soil to proper firmness for optimum seed growth.

Hydro-seeding & Hydro Mulch
The benefits of hydro-seeding are many:
Instant green - immediately looks finished without the expense of sod
Uniform coverage of product
Custom blending, can include pre-emergents, lime, iron, etc
Hydro mulch conforms to surface to help avoid erosion during rain and holds moisture
Hydro mulch improves germination of grass seed and minimizes re-seeding
Hydro-seeding is the process of mixing hydro mulch, seed, fertilizer and water in a tank and sprayingon a prepared seed bed.  The advantages of hydro-seed are that you are able to custom mix every batch to the specific needs of the property by mixing different types of hydro-mulch, seed varieties, and fertilizer.  We are also able to add micro-nutrients into the soil at the same time the fertilizer is applied.  The most common nutrients added are lime and iron.  Hydro-seed is also the desired way of seeding a lawn that is on a slight grade to a steep incline.  We are able to add extra tackifier in the batch.  Tackifier is an organic based glue that helps the hydro mulch to form a uniform blanket over the hill.  Although there is some tackifier in all the hydro-mulch we use, we add extra as needed such as when applied on steep hills and embankments to avoid erosion during heavy rain falls.  The hydro-mulch helps hold the moisture on the soil longer so seeds germinate quicker.

With sod, you have instant gratification and a new lawn established usually within a day.  Although it takes time for the roots to become established, the grass is visible, mature and can be enjoyed immediately.